Sunday, October 21, 2012

How To Make Fidget Ball

This is a very cost effective exercise gadget and a platform to show off your crafty bits.
Part 1
Part 2
Wish you all the success everyone!

How To Exercise with Fidget Ball

It is widely known that regular exercise plays an important part of effective weight loss. It helps to control your weight by using excess calories that otherwise would be stored as fat as well as boosting your metabolism and lowering insulin levels. Physical activity also helps prevent many diseases and improve your overall health.  Therefore, why not doing this" simple exercise" regularly? 
Keep on moving, and keep on smiling
Working out with fidget ball is easy, for me the lazy
I am healthy and happy, because now I like my body

Easy exercise for weight loss

Working out in the gym when I was still overweight was more tormenting than effective.  There I was in the changing room, trying to cover up my swimming belt tummy with a huge towel and yet I was surrounded by people with a perfect 10 body.  Added to my horror, some of them even walked around naked.  Oh la la!  My self esteem was really low back then.  As a result, I came home feeling miserable and discouraged.  I couldn't see any point of getting my lazy body off the couch and going to the gym.  However, deep inside I knew that I need to do some exercise if I wanted to lose weight.  There was the time I came up with the fidget ball idea.   I was inspired by an article in the magazine about fidgeting  (FYI, back then magazine was still the way to read funky article).  Apparently, this annoying habit can assist weight loss. It counts as incidental physical activity which could help a long term overall fitness. 
The exercise it self really quite simple, but for me it's enough to feel my heart racing.  It helped to speed up the whole losing weight process, that's why I called my diet, fidget ball diet. This exercise becomes a  daily routine.  I even doing it when flying a long journey to prevent my feet from swelling.  Of course I only do the "massaging feet" part. 
For a sceptic, the whole exercise routine may look ridiculous.  One of my sister said I look like the old people in the nursing home  when she saw me doing the exercise.  Well, everyone has the right to form their own opinion, but to my defence, old people are also human. I think its just lovely to see old people still doing exercise and live healthily.  As long as this exercise helping me to lose weight and keeping my weight at the same level at all time, I am still keep on doing it ;-)
To learn how to exercise with fidget ball, you may discover it on the following post.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fidget Ball Basic Rules

Below are some basic rules to remember throughout the diet:
  • Do not skip meal.
  • Drink plenty of fluid. 
  • Drink 3 more cups of green tea on top of the green tea remedy.  It can be chilled or hot green tea with or without a squeeze of lemon.  This is also count as part of the fluid intake.
  • Daily allowance for extra virgin olive oil is 1 table spoon and drizzle on top of the food. Spread the use wisely.
  • During dinner time always have the 3 course meal, so think about the portion. 
  • The salsa and pesto have to be consumed everyday.
  • Do not eat rice, normal pasta, potatoes, flour.
  • Dinner always contain either rolled oats or legumes of your choice, or the combination of both
  • At least once a week have oily fish for dinner
  • Drink the green tea remedy at least 1 hour before bed
That's all about the diet.  Remember, be responsible if you want to do this diet.  Consult your doctor.

Dieting is fun, when its correctly done.
Losing the excess weight makes you smile, coz your effort is worth your while
The new you is a healthy you, its like living in deja vu
You know you can do it, when you put your mind into it.

Happy dieting and be safe.

Fidget Ball Diet (Part 2)

Below are the lists of ingredients that you consume on daily basis.   You need to keep these handy at all time, so you are fully prepared and won't have any excuses to skip any meal. Remember,  skipping meal won't give any benefit to your weight loss.  It makes you feel deprived and as a result you may eat rather for your eyes than for your well being.  You may want to click the link provided for each ingredients to learn its benefit for weight loss and make senses of the diet.

Stock up lists :

There are two types of sauces that you need to keep them handy because you are consuming them everyday. You will see these two sauces are made from ingredients that helps with weight loss.
1. Healthy worked wonder fresh tomato salsa which made of parsley, garlic, shallots, red bell pepper, chili, tomatoes, lemon, soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil. (for recipe click  here )
2. Oil-free health wonder pesto which is made from basil, parsley, zucchini (courgette), garlic, almonds, dried prunes, lemon, soy sauce, black pepper. (for recipe click  here )

The main carbs you need :
Rolled oats, beans (any choice of beans you like), wholewheat bread

The fish protein you need to have:
canned tuna / canned salmon

The dairy you need to have:
low fat cheese or low fat cottage cheese

Herbs  you need to have:
ginger, cinnamon, balsamic vinegar, honey and green tea

Fruits you need to have:
apples and any other fresh fruits you like except banana (negative calories fruits are preferable, such as Apricots, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Cranberries, Grapefruit, Honeydew, Papaya, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberries, Strawberries, Tangerines, Tomato, Watermelon)

Dessert you need:
Sugar free gelatin or jello or agar-agar

yakult and multi vitamins (if suggested by your doctor)

For nibbling prevention:
Sugar free chewing gum

Plan ahead what you want to have for dinner.  What kind of soup and main course.  Look through the recipes from the honest cook's room blog, so you have some ideas of what to prepare and get cracking grocery shopping.

There are also some basic rules to remember throughout this diet.  For more explanation read the following post.

Fidget Ball Diet (Part 1)

The Fidget Ball diet is an easy to follow and cost effective diet. Basically it is a rolled oats, beans and herbs based diet, although protein from meat and oily fish are also consumed during breakfast and dinner.  The foods consumed between breakfast hour to mid-afternoon hour are basically the same everyday and only during dinner hour, the foods consumed can be vary.  Dinner always consists of 3 course meals, which are soup, main meal and dessert.  The main course for dinner always contains the pesto, either beans or rolled oats, or combination of the two,  along with the choice of meat or oily fish and vegetables (see recipe lists) .  In addition, the food has to be prepared in a specific way where no extra oil added in the cooking process.  Some of  the extra virgin oil allowance, which is limited to 1 tablespoon a day, may be drizzled on top of the cooked food.
With this diet, I found my portions became smaller and smaller each night because everything on the plate is really filling me up. It's just like having dinner in the Micheline stars restaurant everyday where the portions look small but very filling.   Below is the basic daily plan example for the diet:
1. Breakfast : - Yakult
                        -  Black Coffee/Black Tea
                        -  Porridge ( made from rolled oats,  fresh salsa, dried tuna flake and herbs)
                        (repeat your affirmation throughout the meal)

2. Mid- Morning :  - an apple (an apple a day keeps the doctor away)
                                 - half of daily multivitamin intake
                                 (repeat your affirmation throughout the meal)

3. Lunch : Cheese sandwich (see recipe)
                  (repeat your affirmation throughout the meal)

4. Mid Afternoon : - another half of daily multivitamin intake
                                 -  choice of fruits (except banana)
                                 (repeat your affirmation throughout the meal)

5. Dinner : - Soup (chosen from the recipe lists)
                   - eg. Meatloaf with roasted carrots  (or others chosen from recipe lists)
                   - Sugar free jello (or agar-agar)
                   (repeat your affirmation throughout the meal)

6.Exercise with fidget ball

7. Drink Green tea herbal remedy ( see recipe )

Throughout the day drinks plenty of liquid.

As you can see here, the diet is quite simple and all the foods consumed are beneficial for weight loss. Furthermore, there are some ingredients that you may have to prepare in advance and always keep them handy in your storage while doing the diet.  Detailed explanation of the ingredients lists are described in the following post.


Splitting daily vitamin in half

I have been splitting my daily multi vitamin intake in half and drinking it in the mid morning and mid afternoon since I started my fidget ball diet.  My reason back then was quite naive actually.  I wanted  to give my body boost through out the day and also to give some taste to my water.  Well, I used to hate drinking plain water, so by adding half of my daily multivitamin effervescent tablet, my water became water with taste. To my surprise apparently my thoughts weren't completely off the track after all. 

One day I watched Dr.Oz in oprah winfrey show and he mentioned about the benefit of splitting daily vitamin intake into two and be taken half in the morning and another half in the afternoon. He stated there are two benefits by doing so. Firstly, smaller doses lessen the chance of upset stomach associated with vitamins. Secondly, a smaller dose also helps the body absorb the vitamins more completely before they pass through the digestive track. Wow!! as you could imagine, I felt very smart that day.  Although I didn't have any scientific base for my action but I was doing the right thing and still doing so to this day. What a lovely feeling to have when I know that I am treating my body good. Thank you Dr. Oz :-)